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Information and Cyber security

Today, data and information have an enormous business value. Your mission-critical decisions depend on them, as well as the existence of your entire organization. However, the most valuable company know-how is usually stored across multiple data centers all over the world. The data is accessible online for public consumption, or hidden behind a wall of authentication, authorization and security mechanism and technologies. Read more about 20 pound free bingo no deposit. Underestimating your data security might be the death of your business.

PHCS Pays close attention to security issues. To cover this complex area, we have set up a specialized division, supervising the security of our data and that of our clients.

Our company provides comprehensive security services -from design, building , and modification of process , to implementation and configuration of various technologies , to auditing againse world standards and legislative regulations.

KEY areas covered by our services

Protection of company goodwill and assets

Testing employee’s resistance to social engineering and other type of attack.

Auditing against regulatory requirements and security standards

Resistance to attacks against the company

Protection of company goodwill and assets

We will provide full assessment of the current condition of IT environment in terms of security and suggest or directly apply suitable changes making, them both efficient and conforming to the best industry practice, also we will go beyond the narrow technological aspect of matter, including the internal process, documentation, and last, but not least, security polices in the assessment. You will find out where there is potential for improvement in your network segmentation, virtualization, middleware, or configuration setting of operating systems, applications, supervision, and threat identification.

Testing the Level of Data Security in Applications and Information Systems

We will test the security of your application, their authentication and authorization processes including integration, source codes, servers, WIFI and network elements, SCADA systems, and other IT elements. In the course of specialized penetration testing, we will identify bugs and vulnerabilities, describing their impact on organization from both technical and business point of view and recommending suitable fixes with regard to your environment. Finally, we will produce a summary report and provide personal explanation of vulnerabilities and suggested methods to fix them.

Testing Employees Resistance to social Engineering and other types of Attack

We will test your employee’s ability to recognize both phishing e-mails containing ransomware and spear phishing e-mails targeted at selected key employees. These may include e.g. senior management officers, top management officers, or administrators with extensive permissions, To ensure efficient protection, your employees should be able to spot such attack and know what they entail. Our training courses will introduce your employees to most popular hacking methods, significantly improving your company’s resistance to sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks.

Auditing against Regulatory Requirements and security Standards

we will audit your company, testing your compliance with required standards and/or regulations. These may include e.g. GDPR, ISO27001, or NIS.Assessment of your compliance in all required areas requires detailed knowledge of applicable Regulation, rule, or standard, and necessary legal background. We are fully aware that with the current excess demand in the labor market, it is not easy to hire the necessary professionals. PHCS will provide experienced and workers to carry out the audits, while minimizing the assistance required from your organization.

Resistance to Attack against the company

We will check how your business is prepared on actual attack by highly motivated hackers. Real attackers will not stop at anything –they can eavesdrop on your communications after hacking your enterprise WIFI network, hack mobile application, web service, or forgotten servers, or send their malicious code to unsuspecting victims with high privilege. The flagship of our security testing services is the cyber-attack simulation service provided by an elite team of ethical hackers: they will identify vulnerabilities which could be exploited by real attackers, so you can identify actual attacks in time and defend against them.

It’s critical for any enterprise to achieve strategic business goal in a continuously evolving and highly competitive marketplace. Any sustainable ICT infrastructure solution is not just about the technology –it’s about how well the infrastructure serves the business operations and its strategic objectives.

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