POWER SOLUTIONS – Power House Computer Solution

The need for good quality, reliable power is critical in maintaining uptime and information integrity for any business. A power failure can create havoc and bring your organization to stand still, causing damage to costly equipment, resulting in loss of precious man-hours, disturbing synchronized business processes and decreasing customer satisfaction.

Being the first to implement a Central UPS in Banking Sector in Ethiopia, we are conversant with the local market’s challenges and requirements. When you choose PHCS, you benefit from our expertise in power quality management and renewable energy options. We provide consultancy, conduct system audits and design frameworks. PHCS maintains partnerships with the world’s leading power quality and renewable energy vendors in order to ensure our clients’ critical power requirements are met. As power experts, we are trained to help companies sort through the tech chatter and develop pragmatic power solutions that reduce wastage of power and decrease operating cost, while meeting budgetary restrictions. Our solutions increase energy efficiency, reliability and the lifespan of your ICT equipment. Our clients also benefit from a reduced carbon footprint and take advantage of sustainable hybrid solutions for rural markets where grid power is highly unreliable.

Our solutions can be subdivided in the following categories:

Solar/Wind Hybrid Generation

  • Remote Location power generation for IT and Digital Infrastructure requirements such as ATM’s, Core banking, Telecom Infrastructure, Schools, Dispensary, Mining sites and even Diagnostics centers.
  • Power generation for Hotels & Resorts and other remotely located businesses and activities.

Mobile Hybrid Power Solutions

  • Solar/Wind Hybrid (Vehicle mounted).
  • Solar/Wind Hybrid (Container based).

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

  • Off-Line UPS Systems.
  • Line Interactive UPS Systems.
  • Double Conversion True Online UPS Systems.

Energy Storage and Delivery Systems

  • ATM Power System (Up to 72 Hours backup time).
  • Lift Power System (Up to or more than 20 floors high rise buildings).
  • High density high power storage battery systems.

Op-Ex Optimization for Telecoms

  • Op-Ex Optimization for Telecoms.
  • Off-grid and grid connected BTS sites.

LED based Lighting and Energy efficient applications for Home, Office, Factories and Townships

  • Solar lighting systems.
  • Solar home lighting.
  • Solar community lighting.

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