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When your provider has staff scattered over the world, or in case you are operating a global business network, one
When your organization has personnel scattered over the world, or should you be operating a global business network, one way
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About Us

PHCS provides end to end infrastructure services as well as Security infrastructure solutions to help develop strategies, plan technological solutions and provide the expertise to set up, run, optimize and secure ICT Infrastructure architecture. With an extensive in design, deployment and management of high-performance computing ICT Infrastructure, PHCS the one-stop solution for all your ICT infrastructure solutions and service’s needs.

Supporting everyday IT infrastructure needs as well as managing complex business strategies can be a challenging task for any growing organization. IT support services are the most time to consume and expensive tasks. It takes a highly reliable full-fledged managed IT support services partner to provide the grass root level professional IT infrastructure support execution. This enable the business to invest in an updated and comprehensive IT managed support services that support day-to-day management and ensures that mission-critical systems are always available.

PHCS is one of the leading IT managed services provider that offers a full range of technical support across Ethiopia. Our support services are custom-designed to meet your budget and everyday requirements, while also providing you with adequate time and space to focus on your business goals.


The pay off construction in ImLive provides you options, a definite as well as. You can both pay by the
They can publish text, photographs and multimedia which is shared with some other users which have agreed to be their
When your provider has staff scattered over the world, or in case you are operating a global business network, one
When your organization has personnel scattered over the world, or should you be operating a global business network, one way
Express VPN is a high-speed, reliable and secure foreign internet access choice. It works just like the namesake from the
There are so many new writers out there nowadays who are still the best essay writers. It isn't that they're
Before researching and writing, you have to first understand what a term paper outline is. Essentially, you ought to have
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Our quality principles are:

– To make our service in accordance with the related national and international standards and current laws

– To meet the requirements and demands of our customers, going beyond the expectations, in accordance with the principles of customer satisfaction

– To ensure the participation of the staff members of every level, which are the core of Power House Computer Solution, improve their knowledge and skill level continuously

As a result of the foregoing, to increase the quality, competitiveness, and profitability of our company, to make our company to a leading position having such quality as of our staff members are proud working therein.

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